Diego Asperges

Diego Asperges

Diego Asperges, born in Milan from a family of artists.
The maternal grandfather Luigi Da Re was a prominent painter, his father, Italo, was a
miniaturist sculptor. He studied and graduated from the Accademia di Brera and joined his father in the Laboratorio D’Arte
where he helped to create wax models for casting, creating prototypes for famous companies also in the fashion industry.
Excellent miniaturist sculptor, he juggles with skill in the processing of different materials, clay, wax and resin.
He has a great expertise in academic design, enhanced by considerable creativity.
In his works, scathing for content and style, great emotions are encountered and a particular
creative flair emerges that aims to highlight social problems and ecological decline.
Works consisting of small objects placed on wooden planks, painted with skill.
Works like Panels of furniture, this is his big challenge: to create an art inserted in the
everyday. Works that are able to merge and integrate into any environment.

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